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Janine Gabelmann Yoga
Surrounded Mandala


Surrounded Mandala

These were the last dates, the coming training might look similar.

Online Seminar 
 Emily Hess- Sound Of Yoga®

with Janine Gabelmann

The world is invited to join us online again.
Emily Hess - Sound Yoga
® Training via Zoom in English with the beautiful 
Janine Gabelmann - Surrounded by Bliss Germany


June 2022 - Please note it is AWST (Perth)

Thursday 23/6 from 6pm-9pm

Friday 24/6 from 12pm-9pm

Saturday 25/6 from 12pm-9pm

Sunday 26/6 from 12-3pm

This training is open to all Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioners with Yoga experience and all certified Yoga Teachers who would like to expand their offerings and integrate Sound Yoga into their practice.

​Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioners will receive the certification "Emily Hess® Sound Yoga Practitioner" which enables them to support Yoga Teachers in sessions.

Yoga Teachers will receive the certification 
​ "Emily Hess - Sound Yoga®

The cost including certification and course script in pdf is $700

What you need to participate:

  • Peter Hess® Heart Bowl

  • Peter Hess® Belly Bowl

  • Peter Hess® mallet

  • Preferably Peter Hess® quality or equivalent

  • Stable Zoom Connection

  • Yoga mat

  • Bolster, blanket or equivalent

Further information and booking at

Surrounded Mandala

EMILY HESS - Sound of Yoga®

is a brand of yoga rich with delight for body, mind and soul! The combination of singing bowls, gongs, mantras and asanas allow you to experience sound with all senses. Be in the flow! The use of singing bowls is actively integrated in the lessons. They allow the participants to mould into the postures ever more easily and deeply. Emily Hess® is yoga at its best! 

We use special instruments creating a very relaxed rhythm – a healing, enchanting space of sound – that invites you to relax and connect to your inner wellbeing and can lead you to simply BE.

These are instruments that via their sound intensely join us to our inner rhythm and can help us rediscover ourselves.

These sounds make deep contact with our somatic cells. The comprehensive effects of the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls and Sangha singing bowls, which are used during EMILY HESS-yoga®, have been supported by a wide variety of studies.


(Textsource ©EMILY HESS - Sound Of Yoga®)

Dates & Timeschedules:

Emily Hess - Klangyoga® - TEACHERTRAINING

The teachertraining will take place on four consecutive days and one more day for the graduation. In total it will take 24 hours online, plus the time for the graduation work.

You will have four and a half days to practice and create a sound of yoga lesson, one day before the graduation, you will submit the sound of yoga lesson to me, either written or as a video. 

On one training day you will perform partner exercises, so please organize somebody to help you for that day.

Registration will take place with the centre of Peter Hess® (as soon as we figured out when)

Requirements: yogateacher, or Peter Hess® - sound massage practitioner/ a Peter Hess® therapy or sangabowl: heart-singingbowl and a pelvic floor singing bowl.

Course scope: 24 hours

Emily Hess Klangyoga
Video abspielen
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