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Surrounded Mandala

Yoga means unity, unite, connect.
Yoga is far more than just a physical exercise system. Yoga is a philosophy of life, guiding to see us humans in our wholeness.
Yoga can be very helpful at keeping the bodys flexibility und strengthen the body and it can also support to keep the spirit calm, clear and peaceful.

Yoga can support you to be way calmer in handling life's challenges. It helps to make your life energy more vibrant and therefore feel more enjoyment of life. 

It is wonderful to feel yourself through the practice of yoga, meet your needs, connect to your personal potential and start expressing it freely.
A harmony of body, mind and soul. 


In my classes it is very important to me to acknowledge all of my participants (Yogins and Yogis) in their own uniqueness, to strengthen the mindfulness towards themselves and sharpen the perception of your own limits.

I love to inspire my participants to listen to the voice of their heart, trust their own intuition and step by step become their own teacher.

I practice, appreciate and teach the stiles of traditional and modern yoga, while constantly taking classes myself.

In the meantime I freed myself from dogmatic structures and therefore all of my abilities from former educations flow together: Kundalini-Yoga, Klang- Yoga, Yin-Yoga, Vinyasa-Yoga, knowledge from Ayurveda...

As it were: "Yoga free spirit, free style"

All of this is an invitation, nothing has to be.
A one hour yoga session includes:
- tuning in and arrive at yourself, accompanied by the wonderful sounds of the singing bowls.
- Asanas - body practices. I always offer alternatives, so that everybody might find a consistent position. 
- Pranayama - breath guiding. Prana is the life-force  Yama means guidance. Therefore Pranayama can be an excellent tool to steer your state of mind or mental state.
- Dhyana - meditation has a very positive effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. It reduces stress and leads to more serenity. 

- energy work - the channeling of your vital forces.

- deep relaxation, letting go. I will gladly lead you into dream- or imagination journeys. 


Mantras will lift the joy doing yoga and the practice of Mudra and finger positions supports the meditation. 

The sounds of singingbouls, of gongs or tambura... enrich almost all of my courses or sessions.




As soon as the Corona situation allows it, I will teach Yoga :

Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm

SFZ Uffhofen (Saal), Espenstr 1 ,77656 Offenburg

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in Studio 88, in Hauptstraße 88 in 77646 Schutterwald

I also offer individual private lessons or hour bookings for smaller groups.
Don´t hesitate to contact me by phone or mail, if you are interested.

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