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Welcome to

surrounded by bliss

Being very grateful to be on the sunny side of life, having the luxury and possibility to learn, discover and experience whatever I am interested in. What a great source of joy and bliss.


I`d like to tell you some steps in my life:

It is very important to me to notice, respect and encourage the uniqueness and potential of every human being.

Here I feel very guided by the holistic point of view of the ayurveda.


Since 2007 I am a certified "Holistic Ayurveda Beauty and Wellness Therapist" (studied at Rosenberg, European Academy of Ayurveda).

In my place "surrounded by bliss" I love to treat women with ayurvedic treatments, sound massages and yoga.

I can’t imagine my life without yoga, which I have been practicing for many years.

Since 2008 I am a gratuated "Kundalini Yoga Teacher" (by Yogi Bhajan, 3HO-KRI).


I appreciate and practice traditional and modern styles of yoga. More and more I release myself from dogmatic structures, which sets me free to let it flow. To define my yoga I keep on visiting trainings and workshops and I also organize and teach my own workshops. For example "just be", mindfulness, "Yoga and Art", "Sound of Yoga",


In my profession as a hair & make up artist for fashion magazines and advertisement, I find a great interplay of inner and outer beauty. Being surrounded by beauty and by traveling the world I am very blessed to enjoy teachings by many different teachers and to get inspired by wonderful people and the beautiful nature.


2015 I was very honored to meet Emily Hess® where I gratuated to Emily Hess - Sound of Yoga® Teacher (at PHI) and also had to learn the wonderful "Sound Massage" from Emily & Peter Hess® (PHI). 

Very inspiring was the seminar "basic trust" and in

2017 I became relaxation coach for fantasy and sound journey.                                                                                  

I am an active part of the Emily Hess - Sound of Yoga® teacher team and have the honor to teach this wonderful method in retreats and teacher trainings all over the world.

2018 - Emily Hess Gong-Soundyoga®

"Mindful Yin Yoga - Immersion“  by  Helga Baumgärtner & Pema Wangchen (Meditation)

My passion is to play and teach my "Cosmic Gong & Soundbath“.

So one step flows into another, and I don’t want to miss one pearl in this wonderful treasure which I would love to share with you.


Sincerly and warm hearted