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Surrounded Mandala

surrounded by bliss
EMILY HESS - Sound of Yoga®

Surrounded Mandala

Sound of Yoga®

*Sound of Yoga* in the UK

I am happy to announce a "Sound of Yoga" course in the UK in Seaford.

Come see me from the 21st to the 23rd of June.

Detailed information and booking on the site of Maja Dethloff,

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EMILY HESS - Sound Of Yoga®

Moving in the sound of singing bowls, gongs and mantras, gently listening to yourself, is an intense encounter with yourself. Approaching people with sound on a physical, emotional and spiritual level is the ambition of Emily Hess - sound yoga®


We will not stop discovering.

And at the end of all our discoveries

we will arrive

where we moved out

and for the first time

we will recognize the place.



There is a core in every human being that is invulnerable and perfect. We are born with it. However, we tend to veer away from its presence progressively within the course of life, due to individual experiences and social and cultural influences. This change is also visible in the body, where it is expressed in a certain attitude – our posture. We get muscular tensions, we separate us from ourselves and lose contact with our true inner self. As a result, we move away increasingly from our actual core and develop an illusion of ourselves. Buddha called this "Maja", as a basic deception.


Nevertheless, we carry the unfulfilled longing for connection with this core within us at all times. We believe that we can satisfy this desire with things or people. Even though there is a subliminal connection with our core, many cannot consciously experience it. 

Over the past 30 years, I noticed that sound appeals to us in such a deep and special kind of way that no other influences can. It makes us find our way back to our core and lets us experience ourselves anew. We are led back to our own inner rhythm to turn it into the healthy and joyful attitude of life. This is often experienced as a first step of a wholesome healing process. Aiming for this important effect, I developed the Emily Hess® - sound yoga.


In our yoga classes, singing bowls, gongs and mantras are being put to sound to inspire the human being to let go with ease and joy.


The combination of yoga sound meditation, yoga sound massage and yoga sound relaxation makes sound yoga a pleasing and gentle experience. Participants are welcome to relax deeply into the asana in order to develop a more sensitive sense of their body‘s‘ needs. Encouraged and inspired by the sound, they are able to experience this adventure in a completely new way and enjoy it with all of their senses. 


In the room of sound it is a lot easier to focus on the body. Where do the sounds float through bodily fluids effortlessly? Where does the vibration get stuck?


Where is the energy flowing again? The sounds quickly get the practicing listener to the meta level, making it easier to recognize thought patterns from a certain distance, or to perceive the effects and activities within the body and to channel them mindfully. 


The Swiss yoga therapist Remo Rittiner, who is a yearly lecturer at the Peter Hess Center, said: „These sounds invite the spirit to listen carefully. Breath and body are able to relax and open up to wisdom, which might reveal itself to us in deep relaxation and silence. Two wonderful powers are combined in sound yoga: relaxation and the conscious awareness of harmony.“

Enjoy discovering Emily Hess - sound yoga®!

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Yoga and sound retreat with EMILY HESS -Sound Of Yoga®


Our own primal sound in all of our tissues, muscles, bones, organs, lymphs and nerves is awakened in its depth by the sounds of the singing bowls and gongs. The life energy, inherent in every cell, is made to vibrate, so that it can be sensually experienced.

Preparing the body for the asanas in the calm and inner movement, generated by the sounds, deepens the effect of the yogic asana.

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Emily Hess®-Sound Companion For Yoga Classes


A further education for Peter Hess® - sound massage practitioners, who love yoga and wish to expand their possibilities.

You’re familiar with yoga and would like to involve your wonderful experiences as a sound massage practitioner or as a relaxation coach into sound and fantasy journeys in yoga class. This is possible as a sound companion. You support the yoga teacher with contents from sound yoga to make his or her yoga class an even more special and profound experience. Or you can set your own impulses in a yoga school by creating a sound yoga class for beginners. You get involved with special imaginations and sound journeys. I also recommend you to visit the Sound Yoga Retreat to develop more certainty for your sound yoga class.

More information about Emily Hess® is available at:

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Emily Hess - sound of yoga® teacher training and sound companion for yoga class 

as a further education for yogateachers and sound yoga teachers

The right sound at the right time adds a unique touch to your yoga class. 

Carried by the waves of the sound, your breathing and life energy will ingress deeper into bones, muscles, organs, nerves, lymph and fascia. They create a connection between body and mind and guide you on your way to your core.

A sound yoga class treats his students with an effective relaxation at all levels. The asanas and meditations become a rhythmic experience by making use of the wonderful impact of sound. Body and soul become part of the vibrancy; the sound travels its way through the whole body and strikes the soul. Resting stages enable the flow and gentle resonance of one’s life energy. Every cell aligns to the sound gently, increasing self-awareness and body awareness. The soul can eventually relax and indulge. Sounds can stimulate a self-healing process and leaves an unforgettable memory of a special and unique experience. As a sound yoga teacher, you help and support your participants to transition into certain poses more easily, perceive their aura intensively and get in touch with their personal core. You can create a healing pause from everyday life for your class. A wonderful task! In this seminar you will learn the specific use of singing bowls and gongs as well as the instruction of special sound journeys and sound meditations.

Emily Hess - sound yoga® is a special, unique yoga method, based on personal experience of the self-taught founder. 


Scope: 24 hours

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